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Q – We are not sure about some of the arrangements for our event right now and feel that we will need more time to get our ideas together. Can we make changes to our contract with you after we are already booked?

A– Absolutely! We take pride in being flexible. In a few months down the road, if you decide to change some of your arrangements, that’s fine. Entertainment arrangements are not “locked in stone”, per se. We expect that you may need to change the start time of your event, add additional time with your entertainers, etc. Relax. You’re in capable, caring hands with Portable Soundz.

Q –How much flexibility will we have with making requests for music? Will we be able to provide you with special or unique songs that we would like to have played? Can we offer recommendations on the DJ’s performance style for hosting our event?

A– This is your event. For us, it is all about playing the music that you love. We love when our clients share song requests and even “do not play lists.” Announcements are made to keep everyone excited and communicate about what’s to come. Relax knowing that your DJ will host your event in the way you have asked. While on the microphone, we will never “badger” your guests about dancing (and won’t have to). Enjoy having a classy Wedding DJ/MC who understands the style and energy it takes to keep crowds partying all night long.

Q – How early do you set up before an event?

A – We usually like to arrive 2-3 hours prior to your event depending on the equipment that is required to be setup.

Q – Will my DJ play requests if I want them to?

A – Of course. We give you the opportunity to provide us with a selection of music (specific songs and/or genres) you would like to have played prior to your event.  You can discuss with us your desires as to how you want to handle requests, either allowing requests from guests or not allowing them.  If you are unsure how to handle requests you can always leave it up to the DJ’s discretion but make sure you’re clear on how to handle them.

Q – Will you stay longer if the event runs overtime?

A – We would be happy to stay longer and spin the tunes for you. It is best advised however to schedule enough time in advance when you sign the contract so that we can plan on it.  Any overtime period will have to be discussed with your DJ as well as what the extra fee will be.

Q – How will my DJ be dressed?

A – Your DJ will come dressed in stylish business attire unless you specify otherwise.

Q – How do I secure the date for our event?

A – All we need to secure the date for your event is a completed and signed contract along with the deposit.  We do need to have both of these things in order to lock down your date for your event.  One without the other will not suffice.

Q – What if we are out of the state or country and cannot meet with you before our event? 

A – We always prefer and like to meet with our clients before their event and have done so 95% of the time. However, there have been cases where we had to FaceTime with clients or just talk on the phone more to get a better feel for their wants and desires.  Our desire is to get to know our clients as much as possible before their event and we can always be flexible when it comes to long distance relationships.

Q – Will we have access to wireless microphones for our event?

A – Yes.  Our typical setup includes a wireless lapel for ceremonies as well as a wireless hand held microphone as either a backup (lapel mics pick up lots of wind) or added clarity for the vows.  A wireless handheld will also be available for your reception or event for any speeches, toasts, or announcements that may want to be made by someone other than the DJ.